With more than 10 years of experience in the field of study abroad, NAE is proud to be a prestigious unit to provide long-term study programs with high scholarships and short-term summer camps. Summer study programs help students to have authentic experiences about American culture and life at a low cost.
Summer camps are held annually with schools such as Chaucer, Northland, SHU, AHLI, MSU camps.
The summer camp program is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their English, critical thinking, and communication. Each program has its own attractions but the end goal is to develop students.


Northland Summer Camp - Experience nature, develop rounded students.
Time: June 29 to July 12
Age: 13 years old and above
About the Northland Scholar Academy: Founded in 1892 in Wisconsin, the campus is nestled among hills and jungles surrounding the Great Lakes. The school has beautiful scenery with clear lakes and green lawns, air fresh air.
Program: 15 hours of language study per week with native speakers. Various sports and art activities are organized such as archery, swimming, basketball, volleyball and cultural arts ... especially the three-day city visit to Chicago to enjoy American culture and cuisine.


MSU Summer Camp - Global Leader.
Time: 8/7/2018 to 28/7/2018
Age: 12 years old to 18 years old
About Missouri State University: Missouri's second-largest public school. Courses are taught by professors from the Missouri College who have expertise and experience. School facilities are always  well invested and equipped.
Program: Focus on developing and improving leadership, teamwork, confidence, and communication for students. English program is also a strength to help them train and improve their ability. Children can also participate in sports and useful social programs.
After the program, students will receive a certificate that will benefit them when applying for Missouri State University.


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